Where did all the fun go?

Posted by Hugh Mouser — 4 July 2013 at 6:43pm - Comments
Electric car charging station sign
All rights reserved. Credit: boboroshi
Sign of the times, but car companies are dragging their heels over electric vehicles

I grew up on a diet of TV shows like Knight Rider and The A Team. I saw Ferrari and Mclaren produce faster cars as time went by. I admired how the car industry kept on trying to improve.

But it seems like some carmakers have lost the fun of innovation.

Yesterday a Bafta, today the world

Posted by bex — 4 April 2006 at 8:00am - Comments

Thandie Newton in her Toyota Prius

After winning a BAFTA in February for her performance in "Crash", Thandie Newton has now set her sights even higher: on doing her bit to save the planet.

Last year, the actor found a Greenpeace leaflet stuck to the windscreen of her family's SUV. A short while later, she traded in her gas guzzling 4x4 for a fuel efficient Toyota Prius, which switches between petrol and electric to get nearly three times more miles to the gallon than her old BMW X5.

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