Microbeads in the spotlight!

Posted by Louisa Casson — 2 March 2017 at 1:00am - Comments

This week, microbeads shot up the political agenda (again) - thanks to Greenpeace supporters (again!) and a host of coalition members.

UK Government plans to outlaw microbeads! But a limited ban won't do.

Posted by Fiona Nicholls — 7 September 2016 at 9:43am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace

This weekend, the Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom announced a plan to ban microbeads from cosmetic products like face scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels. This is brilliant news for the 350,000 people who have signed our petition in collaboration with Fauna & Flora International, the Marine Conservation Society and the Environmental Investigation Agency. It shows the government is taking steps to protect our oceans from this pointless plastic pollution. BUT… (oh why is there always a ‘but’?!)

Why we’re taking the government to court over fishing quota

Posted by Ariana Densham — 23 January 2015 at 3:59pm - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
The UKs largest fishing vessel and quota holder the Cornelis Vrolijk

Just what will it take for this government to give a better deal for the UK’s local, sustainable fishermen? Over the last five years, hundreds of thousands of you campaigned to demand our MEPs and ministers deliver a new set of laws to support fair, sustainable fishing.

And we won! 

No, ex-minister

Posted by Graham Thompson — 21 July 2014 at 1:37pm - Comments
by-nc-sa. Credit: Ben Stewart/Greenpeace
Paterson 'effigy' shocked to read of his recent demise

Secretary of State for the Environment Mr Owen Paterson has been sacked, and ‘the countryside’ is reportedly FURIOUS. As is traditional, the spokesmen for ‘the countryside’ and their alleged fury are climate sceptics writing in the Telegraph - and none of those climate sceptics writing in the Telegraph is more furious than Owen Paterson himself.

Buzz killers: UK blocking bee-killing pesticide ban

Posted by Graham Thompson — 25 April 2013 at 12:47pm - Comments
Bumblebee on a flower
All rights reserved. Credit: Steve Erwood / Greenpeace
You don't have to be Einstein to work here...

In a shock to the scientific community, neonicotinoids, - or neurotoxic agricultural insecticides - have been shown in laboratory tests to cause brain damage in bees.

Actually, it wasn’t that much of a shock. There’s never been any doubt over the potential of these chemicals to harm bees - the recent controversy has been over dosage.

New reports question if there are plenty more fish in the sea

Posted by Willie — 4 August 2010 at 10:57am - Comments

Not plenty more where that came from © Greenpeace/Cobb

If you're reading this in the UK, you ran out of fish today.

Basically, the UK eats more fish than its waters produce and, thanks to some nifty fish-counting from the clever folks at NEF, that equates to the 4th of August being the day we use up our year's fish supply. In comparison to the EU as a whole, we fair a month better but then we are a country with quite a lot of seas, certainly in comparison with, er, Austria and Romania. Yet, for almost five full months we are relying on fish from somewhere else. And that might be okay, if there was plenty of it to go around. But of course, as the old saying should go, there aren't plenty more fish in the sea.

A New Year, and a new position from the UK government on bluefin?

Posted by Willie — 12 January 2010 at 6:36pm - Comments

Well, they may not be shouting about it, but it certainly looks that way. Ironically 2010 has been declared by the UN as 'International Year of Biodiversity', yet alarm bells are ringing for one iconic species already.

In a remarkable contrast from last summer, and autumn, when the UK Government were keen to tell us all how committed they were to saving the bluefin at every possible opportunity, our ministers have gone strangely silent on the issue since the ICCAT meeting in November.

'Divided consumer attitudes' to climate change mirrored by government

Posted by jossc — 18 January 2008 at 5:45pm - Comments

Earlier this week the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) released a report identifying things the public should be doing to limit climate change. Third on the list is to "avoid unnecessary short-haul flights". Apparently we find this hard to do because of "divided consumer attitudes" - ie, we want to have our cake and eat it.

What's £10 million between friends?

Posted by jamie — 13 October 2006 at 8:00am - Comments

solar.jpg From BBC News earlier today:

A £10m drive to add wind turbines to public sites and to promote renewable energy is being funded by cuts to other green projects, it has been claimed. The Partnership for Renewables scheme will work with private firms to put the turbines on sites such as hospitals. But the Lib Dems and the Energy Saving Trust say money from insulation and double-glazing schemes will pay for it. The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the sum was never allocated to a specific project.

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