Tesco forced to back down in tinned tuna row

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11 April, 2014

London - Greenpeace and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are claiming victory in their campaign against Tesco and the cut-price tuna brand Oriental & Pacific.

 An investigation into the tinned tuna brand revealed it uses a fishing method that kills sharks, rays and turtles. The campaign launched early last month calling for Tesco to pull the brand, but Britain’s biggest supermarket refused to act. Now the manufacturers of Oriental & Pacific have written to Greenpeace saying that from end of April 2015 it will only sell sustainable-sourced tuna.

Tell the Big Bad Wolf to change their tune over tuna. Again!

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Dodgy tuna

Once upon a time, well actually, three years ago, Tesco promised to help protect our oceans. Just like a knight in shining armour arriving to save the day, they suddenly switched and made the boldest public promise of all the tuna brands to clean up their tins just before we launched a tuna league table in which they were last.

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