Sumatran rhino found while forest habitat is lost

Posted by jamie — 30 March 2016 at 9:13am - Comments
Sumatran rhino found in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
All rights reserved. Credit: Ari Wibowo / WWF-Indonesia
This rhino is being moved to relative safety, but the species is still critically endangered

Good news for rhino fans: last week, researchers announced the first live encounter with a Sumatran rhino in Borneo for over 40 years. But the human pressures that have pushed this species to the brink of extinction are still very much in play.

This is what a massive forest fire looks like

Posted by Richardg — 25 June 2013 at 11:31am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Ulet Ifansasti / Greenpeace
Huge forest fires in Indonesia are blanketing Singapore and Malaysia with record-breaking pollution

The Sumatran rainforests, home to the last Sumatran tigers, orangutans and rhinos, are on fire. Our team have been on the ground documenting the disaster. These devastating images show what they found.

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