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Leading climate sceptic who agreed to suggestion of secret Middle East oil cash is set to speak at Ted Cruz Senate hearing today

8 December, 2015

A Greenpeace undercover investigation has exposed how fossil fuel companies can secretly pay academics at leading American universities to write research that sows doubt about climate science and promotes the companies’ commercial interests.

 Posing as representatives of oil and coal companies, reporters from Greenpeace UK asked academics from Princeton and Penn State to write papers promoting the benefits of CO2 and the use of coal in developing countries.

The Professors agreed to write the reports and said they did not need to disclose the source of the funding.

The Times they aren't a changin.

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The Times, edited by John Witherow, owned by Rupert Murdoch

The front page of the Times today spashes on a terrible conspiracy to suppress ground-breaking new climate science which could overturn the alleged ‘consensus’ on climate sensitivity and expose highly suspicious inconsistencies in the work of the IPCC.

Except, of course, it doesn’t.

Pick of the cherries

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If I was going to cherry pick, I'd use this.

Viscount Matthew Ridley, school mate of David Cameron, inheritor of his father’s surname, first name, title, estate and, unbelievably, job as chairman of Northern Rock (how’s modern meritocracy working out for them, I wonder), has written an article called ‘Roll up: cherry pick your results here’.

Born Wrongborg

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Cross my palm with silver...

Bjorn Lomborg, the man who used to be the world’s most well-known climate sceptic, has resurfaced in the Wall Street Journal and Channel 4 with a new way to be wrong on climate change.

Hanging's too good for us

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Exhibit A : James Delingpole
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Exhibit D

The winner of the bloggy awards’ best political blog and the winner of the bloggy awards’ best scientific blog are having a fight after school. This is the best show since the Olympics. Popcorn, anyone?

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