Transparency watchdog orders ministers to publish censored fracking report in full

Last edited 18 June 2015 at 1:45pm

Greenpeace urges government to release evidence before Cuadrilla decision next week

18 June, 2015

The UK’s transparency watchdog has ruled ministers must publish the full version of a heavily redacted report into the impacts of fracking following a year-long transparency campaign by Greenpeace UK.

The decision by the Information Commissioner Officer was made public today, just a week before Lancashire authorities are due to give a much anticipated verdict on two fracking applications by energy firm Cuadrilla.

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs published a version of the report last year after coming under pressure from campaigners. But the document released to the public had 63 chunks of text missing, including on such sensitive issues as the impact of fracking on house prices, rural businesses, and local services. [1]

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