South Downs National Park or Industrial Park?

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As South Downs National Park comes under threat, Greenpeace launch Fracker Tracker in Sussex

26 June, 2014

Midhurst, West Sussex - Greenpeace activists are targeting South Downs National Park Authority meeting with a ‘not for shale’ roadshow, on the launch of a new crowdsourced investigation into fracking in Sussex.

This afternoon Greenpeace activists have occupied the entrance to the South Downs National Park Authority building in Midhurst ahead of their AGM. Campaigners have set up a Not For Shale mock real estate roadshow in front of the HQ’s main entrance, featuring 4-metre-tall flags and a large map of the South Downs Park and surrounding area showing the level of opposition to fracking.

Blockers to the left of them, blockers to the right of them...

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David Cameron has been pulling out all the stops to make sure fracking goes ahead in the UK. Tax breaks, bribes, compulsory purchases, you name it, he’s trying it. But there’s one thing that neither he nor the fracking companies expected, the check-mate move that could keep Britain frack-free.

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