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Greenpeace ship arrives in central London – calls out Sainsbury’s for “killing our oceans”

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19 November, 2016

Greenpeace’s largest ship, the ice class Esperanza, has arrived at Tower Bridge in central London calling on the supermarket Sainsbury’s to “stop killing our oceans” and drop the unsustainable tuna brand John West.

See here for images of the Esperanza at Tower Bridge

The Esperanza has recently returned from the Indian Ocean where it was exposing the destructive fishing practices of John West and its owner Thai Union, which harm all kinds of marine life including sharks and even turtles in the pursuit of tuna.

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The dodgy case of the Explorer II

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While in the Indian Ocean tackling Thai Union's destructive fishing practices, the Greenpeace ship the Esperanza came across a vessel employing the unusual technique of beaming high-powered lights into the water to attract fish at night. The Explorer II is owned by the Spanish company Albacora Group - a supplier to Thai Union brands across Europe including John West in the UK and Netherlands, Petit Navire in France, and Mareblu in Italy. This document explains more about the Explorer II and its practices of using lights - a method which, not long after the writing of this document, has just been banned by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

Greenpeace hits John West where it hurts - at sea, on land and in the shops

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23 May, 2016

London, 23 May 2016 – Through a series of coordinated actions, Greenpeace has disrupted John West’s operations at every point of its supply chain from sea to shelf as international pressure grows on the embattled company to stop reneging on its promises and move towards producing 100 per cent sustainable tuna.

This morning 25 activists targeted a major processing facility in Brittany, France belonging to Thai Union, the owner of John West. While on Saturday teams of volunteers cleared the shelves of tinned John West tuna in more than 50 Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK.

Revealed: John West linked to destructive fishing device discovered in Indian Ocean

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22 April, 2016

Indian Ocean, 21 April 2016 - Crew on the Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza, have discovered a harmful fish aggregating device (FAD) linked to UK tuna company John West - despite the company’s promise to phase out the use of the destructive fishing practice. ‘It’s grisly business-as-usual for John West,’ said Hélène Bourges, Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace.

Greenpeace’s expedition in the Indian Ocean has revealed footage of near-threatened species including silky sharks under fishing gear deployed by the Talenduic - a French vessel which supplies John West.

Taiwan’s fisheries plagued by human rights abuses and shark finning - Greenpeace investigation

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14 April, 2016

A year-long Greenpeace East Asia investigation into Taiwan’s distant water tuna fisheries has exposed illegal shark finning, labour and human rights abuses, as well as Taiwan’s failure to adequately address issues such as murder and drug-smuggling at sea.

The findings released today in a Greenpeace East Asia report come as a yellow card warning from the European Commission is about to expire. Issued on 1 October 2015, Taiwan was given six months to clean up its fisheries or face economic sanction by the EU.

John West is breaking its promise to consumers and is still trashing the oceans for cheap tuna

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5 October, 2015

Greenpeace’s tuna league table for 2015 sees the UK’s largest tinned tuna brand, John West, sink to the bottom of the ranking, with a woeful 98% of its tuna caught using destructive and unsustainable fishing methods.

After promising consumers back in 2011 that 100% of its tuna would be sustainable by 2016, John West has managed only a dismal 2% – with nearly all of its tuna caught in nets using so-called Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) which indiscriminately kill a host of other marine life, including sharks and even endangered sea turtles.

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