The yellow monster lurking underground

Posted by jamie — 3 August 2007 at 4:56pm - Comments

In making sure that nuclear power doesn't become part of the UK's energy policy, we tend to focus on the myth that it will solve climate change, the vast expense and the danger from radioactive waste. However, the other end of the supply chain is also fraught with problems and uranium mining can seriously damage your health. Just watch this video:

Nuclear power - increasing carbon emissions

Posted by bex — 11 November 2005 at 9:00am - Comments

Nuclear power has justifiably had a bad press in recent years. It's expensive to the point of being uneconomic without massive government subsidies, produces dangerous radioactive wastes, and the consequences of a serious accident or terrorist attack on a nuclear plant could be devastating.

Recently the nuclear industry has seized on concerns over climate change and high oil prices to get nuclear power back on to the British political agenda. Tony Blair is being urged to allow construction of 10 new nuclear power stations. This would provide a lifeline for the beleaguered nuclear industry, which is arguing that new reactors would help the government as it struggles to keep its promise to reduce emissions of CO2 (the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for climate change) by 20% by 2010. The industry claims this is an obvious 'solution', because nuclear reactors emit virtually no CO2 at the point of electricity generation.

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