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Redesigned, restructured, rebuilt, relaunched – the new is here! After years of faithful service, our old (and somewhat creaky) website has been retired, and we've launched this shiny new site instead. Here's a quick overview of the new site (visit our guide for more in-depth stuff):

House rules

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Our Facebook page and blog are open to everyone and we'd love to hear from you - we just ask that you follow the house rules. We've tried to keep the rules to a minimum, but we will strictly enforce the rules we do have:


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Creative Commons License


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To access all of the content on this site, you will need to download and install some extra software on your computer. You may well already have them but if not, use the links below to find the right application. All are free, quick to download and easy to install.

If you have any problems with anything on the website, contact us at


About this site

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Welcome to the Greenpeace website. Here you can find out how to find your way around, register on the site, comment and share. If you have any questions or problems with the
website, please get in touch. All writing published on the website is released under a Creative Commons license except in cases where we've indicated otherwise (this mainly affects reports where others may have done the research for us).

Finding your way around

To get involved with Greenpeace - locally, in our office or online - see the What you can do pages , where you'll be able take action online, join a local group, browse local group blogs and events, support us by donating or fundraising, sign up to keep in touch, give virtual gifts that support our campaigns, check our job vacancies and internships and much more. 

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