Forests and agriculture

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An area of the Amazon rainforest cleared for soya planting

Huge areas of the Amazon rainforest have been cleared for soya plantations

As the human population and our consumption of resources grow, more and more land is being turned over to agricultural production. This is at the expense of natural habitats such as mangroves, wetlands and, of course, ancient forests. In particular, it's the growing importance of soya beans and palm oil as global commodities are key drivers of deforestation.

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Greenpeace response to the consultation on the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation

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17 May, 2007

Greenpeace's input into the consultation on the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, which the government intends to use to force fuel companies to increase the amount of biofuels they supply.

But without proper safeguards and protection for forested areas, the production of these biofuels could cause an increase in carbon dioxide emissions instead of reducing them.

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Environmentalists launch ad campaign warning 'green fuels' could do the planet more harm than good

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9 May, 2007

A coalition of some of Britain's biggest green groups is launching an advertising campaign on Wednesday 9 May attacking environmentally destructive 'bio-fuels'.

The adverts feature a petrol pump held to the head of an orang-utan. "Tell the Government to choose the right biofuel." it says, "or the orang-utan gets it."

Biofuels: green dream or climate change nightmare?

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As you may have already seen, along with WWF, the RSPB, Friends of the Earth and, we've placed an advert in several of today's papers warning the government about the environmental risks of biofuels as an alternative to petrol and diesel. Hang on, I imagine some of you are saying right now, aren't they supposed to be clean and green with the power to save us from the tyranny of fossil fuels? Well, yes... and no.

'Green fuels' could be bad for the planet, say environmental and development groups

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20 March, 2007

A misjudged push for 'green' fuels could instead damage the climate and trash rainforests, according to the UK's largest environmental and development groups today.

Biofuels - which are similar to petrol but less environmentally damaging because they are made from crops and wastes - could play an important role in tackling global warming. But, say bosses from the RSPB, WWF, Greenpeace, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth, the government's dash for biofuels is ill thought out, lacks appropriate safeguards and could be creating more problems than it solves.

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