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Data Guidelines

Any data that is downloadable from the Open Images Challenge Downloads section is considered to be internal to the challenge. The usage of the external data is allowed, however the winner teams will be required to submit a full description of the data used for training (see below). The usage of pretrained models is allowed, however the winning teams will be required to describe them in terms of architecture and training data (see below).

Note: Using the challenge test set for any form of training is strictly forbidden. Annotating the challenge test set in any way is also strictly forbidden.

Participation guidlines

Participants are encouraged to submit a short abstract describing their method and the data used for training (10 lines of text).
The winners of each track will additionally be required to provide a detailed description of their method and all the data used for training in order to claim the prize (minimum of 2 pages double-column).

The specific requirements and a LaTeX template to provide the method description for the winners will be published later.

Further, the winners will be asked to present their work at the Open Images Workshop at ICCV 2019. The workshop date and time is available here.
We welcome other participants to make poster presentations of their approaches at the same workshop.