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05th June 2018: Release of the challenge metric protocols and implementation

We released Open Images Challenge evaluation protocols on our website! Further, metric implementation for both tracks and data processing routines are now available as a part of Tensorflow Object Detection API. Open Images Challenge evaluation protocol description is available here: 1. Object Detection Track evaluation protocol 2. Visual Relationships Detection [...]

17th May 2018: Rotated images in Open Images

The images in the Open Images dataset might be rotated with respect to the author’s intended rotation for a series of reasons explained below. We have now made the correct rotation information available in the CSVs ‘Image IDs’ files, so that users can recover this orientation when training their models [...]

15th May 2018: Visual Relationship Detection training data released

Today we are releasing training data for the Visual Relationship Detection track of the Open Images Challenge 2018. This track requires detecting pairs of objects in particular relations, e.g. "woman playing guitar", "beer on table", "dog inside car". We provide annotations for 329 distinct relationship triplets, occurring a total of [...]

30th April 2018: Announcing Open Images V4 and the ECCV 2018 Open Images Challenge

In 2016, we introduced Open Images, a collaborative release of ~9 million images annotated with labels spanning thousands of object categories. Since its initial release, we've been hard at work updating and refining the dataset, in order to provide a useful resource for the computer vision community to develop new [...]