Climate actions in Gatwick, Essex and... Legoland?

Posted by jamie — 8 August 2008 at 11:39am - Comments

The Lego replica of Kingsnorth power station complete with 'Stop Climate Change' banner

The Lego replica of Kingsnorth power station complete with 'Stop Climate Change' banner © Hans Bricks

Not one, not two but at least three climate change-related happenings popped up around the country yesterday, many of them carried out by Climate Camp attendees. Although the camp is primarily focused on coal and the proposed new power station at Kingsnorth, today's activities also highlighted other climate threats such as aviation and biofuels. Here is just a taste of what's been happening:

Campers made their way this morning to a biofuel depot in Essex to take part in a blockade. According to news reports, people created a barrier in the road to prevent lorries gaining access to the depot, while others were chained to a fuel storage tanker. And this on the day that a government report finds that supposedly sustainable biofuels might not be so sustainable after all.

Meanwhile campers of the Plane Stupid variety headed to Gatwick Airport, where they occupied the roof above the train station and the arrivals lounge with banners unfurled with aplomb. Others provided leaflets about the climate impacts of aviation to passengers and staff.

Elsewhere, with an example of what is perhaps the smallest banner ever seen, Legoland in Windsor experienced its own visitation. The miniature replica of Kingsnorth power station (who'd have thought there'd be one in the first place?) was decorated with a teeny tiny banner reading 'Stop Climate Change'.

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