VW film competition: classic Greenpeace films - A Time Comes

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The Greenpeace activists who closed down Kingsnorth coal-fired power station
All rights reserved. Credit: Will Rose / Greenpeace
Watch this classic film about our action against Kingsnorth coal power station

In just under three weeks we'll be rolling out the red carpets and challenging film makers to turn the cameras on Volkswagen. If you're in London, why not join us at the Curzon Soho at 10am, Saturday 17 September for the launch?

Another victory over dirty coal as Kingsnorth plans scrapped

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Emily Hall - one of the Kingsnorth Six - on the coal station's chimney stack

Crack out the balloons and the (recycled) paper hats - it's party time.

Kingsnorth is shelved. Again.  Yesterday the news came out that Eon, the company behind the plans for the first new coal plant in the UK in over 30 years was scrapping its proposal to build another climate-wrecking monster to replace its current power station in Kent.

Coal: going, going, gone?

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It's been a long, difficult and wild ride at times, but an end to climate damaging carbon emissions from new coal power stations could be in sight at last. Finally, some politicians seem to have recognised that we can't cut our CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 AND keep pumping the stuff out of our power plants - hooray!

Last December the government announced a new energy bill that explicitly recognises this reality. So far so good - but (as you'll be shocked to discover) there's a problem. As yet the bill has no teeth - whilst it says that new power stations must be able to capture some of their emissions from the get go, it contains no guarantee that by 2025 all carbon emissions from coal must be captured, and that's the bit that really counts.

Video: saying NO to dirty coal

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Since the Big If pledge launched in March, when Age of Stupid actor Pete Postletwaite promised the UK Energy and Climate Change minister Ed Miliband that he would return his OBE if the government gave the go-ahead for a new coal power station Kingsnorth, thousands of people have joined him in making pledges of their own.

Greenpeace UK has been a core member of the Big If coalition from the start, together with a wide range of other organisations including the RSPB, World Development Movement, Oxfam and the Women's Institute. Because if Kingsnorth and the other 10 plants planned to follow it get built, then we'll have next to no chance of meeting our CO2 reduction targets and reining in runaway climate change.

Video: Mili-band at Kingsnorth power station

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