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Our campaigns often make headlines on the high seas, regularly involve non-violent direct actions at government departments and invariably local volunteers campaigning on the high street.

Sometimes what we really need to achieve the change we want to see, is a well-written letter to the local MP, a handover of a key report by a constituent, or simply a face to face conversation.

Greenpeace is developing its Political Lobbying network and we are looking for serious, reliable people, supportive of Greenpeace’s vision of a green and peaceful world and who are willing to make a commitment towards helping us with our lobbying work on a regular basis. 

We invite you to apply to attend one of our free training events taking place all over the country. This is a fantastic training opportunity for anyone who wants to learn the skills of talking to and influencing politicians. Don't worry if you either can't make, or don't get onto one of these trainings, just let us know where you'd like to be trained using the checkboxes below and we'll be organising a new batch of trainings for early in the new year.

Next trainings:

  • To be announced soon but 5 regional events are being scheduled at the minute

If you would like further information, or to register for a session, please fill in the form below. We hope to hear from you soon.

Rosie Rogers

Political Adviser

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