MEPs show themselves to be a bit dim

Posted by jamie — 15 June 2007 at 4:23pm - Comments

The numbers are in and sadly they weren't quite what we were hoping for. Despite the huge amount of emails you sent to MEPs, asking them to support a ban on inefficient light bulbs across the EU, not enough signed up to adopt the declaration.

Over 5,600 messages were sent from the UK so a big thank you if you were one of those - you persuaded 23 out of 78 UK MEPs to sign up. We needed 400 MEPs across Europe to put their names down to this bright idea to take it forward. Yet despite a frantic round of last-minute phone calls from our European campaigners to their MEPs, we only saw 197 signatures before the deadline.

It doesn't mean this is the end of the road - far from it. We'll still be lobbying the EU to push for energy efficiency legislation and working on national governments to pull their fingers out. Of course, there's also the retailer angle - if we can persuade them that removing old-fashioned bulbs from their shelves makes sense, then that will help pave the way for even more energy efficiency measures.

If you haven't already, write to your supermarket or DIY shop about the out-of-date light bulbs lurking on their shelves.

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