Please write to the Arctic 30 and let them know how much support they have

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Write a letter to the Arctic 30

The Arctic 30 are being detained in Russian prisons, charged with piracy. Please help us to shine a light into their cells, raise their spirits and let them know how much support they have all over the world. These 28 activists and two journalists are at the forefront of the battle against dangerous oil drilling in the Arctic, they are heroes not pirates. In their darkest moments we need to let them know they are not alone, so please write a card or letter with a message of support.

Writing to people in detention in Russia

It is important to just write messages of support and if you like, to tell the person you are writing to something about yourself. Please do not write anything that is critical of the authorities or that addresses the legal aspects of the case, as your letter may not get through. Don’t write about communication tools that are forbidden in jail (mobile phones for example). Please do not write anything about the protest at Prirazlomnaya (the oil rig) and nothing like "protests will be held all over the world until you are released".

Guide to writing to prisoners of conscience »

Letters to prisoners in Russia generally only get through if they are in Russian. Obviously most of those detained don’t speak Russian, so please write in your own/their language and include a Google translate print out of your letter or card.


We don’t yet have an address to send letters to, so in the meantime you can send it to Greenpeace International who will pass all letters on at such time we are able to. Put your letter or card in an envelope with the name of the person you are writing to, and send it to the following address:

Name of detainee/Arctic 30
c/o Greenpeace International
Ottho Heldringstraat 5,
1066 AZ Amsterdam,

The Arctic 30

  • Camila Speziale 
  • Camila is a Greenpeace activist from Argentina. In Camila’s blog from the ship, she wrote: “The real threat to the Arctic is not from Greenpeace's peaceful actions or the millions of people who fight alongside us. It is from companies like Gazprom and Shell who will risk this amazing environment for profit.” 
  • Miguel Hernan Perez Orz 
  • Miguel is the Arctic Sunrise’s Second Mate and he is from Argentina
  • Colin Russell 
  • Colin is from Australia, and he is the ship’s radio operator 
  • Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel
  • Ana is from Brazil and was a Deckhand aboard the Arctic Sunrise
  • Alexandra Hazel Harris
  • Alex is from Devon in the UK. She lives in Australia where she works as a Communications Officer from Greenpeace Asia Pacific
  • Kieron Bryan
  • Kieron is a freelance videographer from the UK and previously worked for The Times newspaper. He was on a short term contract for the ship’s journey, to film what took place.
  • Frank Hewetson
  • Frank is from London where he works as a logistics coordinator for Greenpeace UK. He is a long time Greenpeace employee and over the years has been involved in many of our campaigns including our campaign against commercial whaling.
  • Anthony Perrett
  • Anthony is from the UK, and in his spare time is a Greenpeace activist. He is also active in his local community.
  • Philip Ball
  • Phil is from Oxford in the UK where has been an active member of his local Greenpeace group since 2008. He lives with his partner and three children, and in his spare time he is trying to get his Mini working, and teach his kids about the beauty of the countryside. He has been involved in Greenpeace campaigns on forests, sustainable fishing, and fracking.
  • Iain Rogers
  • Iain is the Arctic’s Sunrise’s 2nd Engineer and has also worked on other Greenpeace ships including the Rainbow Warrior. He is from Exeter in Devon where he lives on a boat and works as a boat mechanic.
  • Alexandre Paul
  • Alexandre is the ship’s Bosun, and is from Canada.
  • Paul D Ruzycki
  • Paul is the First Mate of the Arctic Sunrise and is from Canada.
  • Anne Mie Roer Jensen
  • Anne is the ship’s Third Mate and she’s from Denmark
  • Faiza Oulahsen
  • Faiza is from the Netherlands and she is a spokesperson for Greenpeace.
  • Mannes Ubels
  • Mannes is fron the Netherlands and is Chief Engineer of the Arctic Sunrise.
  • Sini Saarela
  • Sini is from Finland and was one of the activists who tried to scale the Gazprom rig as it prepared to drill for Arctic oil. In court she said: “I am not a pirate, nor criminal. Drilling for oil in ice is a tremendous threat to the environment all over the world."
  • Francesco Pisanu
  • Deckhand Francesco is from France.
  • Cristian D'Alessandro
  • Cristian is from Italy and is a deckhand on board the ship.
  • Jonathon Beauchamp
  • ‘Big John’ is from New Zealand and on-board mechanic on the Arctic Sunrise.
  • David John Haussmann
  • ‘Haussy’ is from New Zealand and is the ship’s electrician 
  • Tomasz Dziemianczuk
  • Activist Tomasz is from Poland, where he is a graduate of psychology and culture management, and employed at an Academic Cultural Centre. He has been active with Greenpeace since 2004 and he was one of the climbers who scaled Mt Fuji in Japan, in a 2012 protest against nuclear energy.
  • Roman Dolgov
  • Greenpeace spokesperson Roman is from Russia
  • Denis Sinyakov
  • Denis is a freelance photo journalist from Russia, who was on a short-term contract to document the activities of the ship. He previously worked for Reuters.
  • Dima Litvinov
  • Spokesperson Dima live is Sweden with his wife and three children. He has worked for Greenpeace since 1989 and has a long history of taking action against nuclear weapons testing in Russia and illegal fishing in Antarctica, among other things.
  • Marco Weber
  • Marco is from Switzerland and is one of the activists who tried to scale the Gazprom rig as it prepared to drill for oil.
  • Gizhem Akhan
  • Gizhem is from Turkey and was volunteering on the Arctic Sunrise as assistant cook.
  • Pete Willcox
  • Pete is from the US and is the Captain of the Arctic Sunrise. He has been a Greenpeace captain for many years, and was captain of the first Rainbow Warrior ship when it was bombed by French Secret Service agents in New Zealand in 1985. Pete has been active in numerous Greenpeace campaigns.

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