Calling architects and designers

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Solar panels in germany

We can shout from the rooftops that nuclear power won't stop climate change and decentralised energy is the way forward; we can produce investigations into what it is, how it can apply to the UK and how much it will all cost; we can write case studies about how it's already being used; we can lobby government to sort out the regulatory framework and the energy markets so that decentralised energy is on a level footing with other forms of energy production; we can ask you to write to your MP to help spread the word.

Good Wood Guide for builders and architects launched

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"Trees are the lungs of this planet, our allies in the fight against carbon overloading. They are also living giants, vast natural edifices which we can admire for their longevity, poise, scale and beauty. Who doesn't recoil at the terrifying fact that simply vast areas of forest are being removed from the planet every year?

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