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Government issues more fracking licenses to companies linked to tax havens

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17 December, 2015

Fracking companies found by a Greenpeace investigation to be either wholly or partly owned by entities based in offshore tax havens have today been issued further fracking licenses by the UK Government.

Yesterday a Greenpeace investigation revealed that 40% of existing fracking licenses (issued ahead of today’s announcement) were held by companies linked to tax havens, including Celtique Energy, Cuadrilla, INEOS and Third Energy.

Greenpeace investigation links frackers to tax havens

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16 December, 2015

40% of licenses to frack in the UK are held by companies which are wholly or partly owned in offshore tax havens, a Greenpeace investigation has found.

Analysis also shows that Cuadrilla, one of the UK’s leading shale gas firms, is majority owned by entities based in offshore tax havens.

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