Thanks for saving millions of barrels of oil

Posted by jamess — 28 January 2011 at 12:40pm - Comments
By pushing for strong European emissions laws, we can save a lot of oil
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By pushing for strong European emissions laws, we can save a lot of oil

Thanks to all of you who sent emails to Philip Hammond and Ford over the past few months - you really made an impact.

Your pressure helped us take an important step towards kicking our oil addiction.

Ford. Going in reverse, fast.

Posted by jamess — 8 November 2010 at 7:09pm - Comments

Update: Over 6,000 emails to Ford bosses. Yet to receive a reply.

As the clock ticks down to some pretty important laws that could potentially save us millions of barrels in oil consumption (3.6m in the UK alone), one car manufacturer is doing its best to scupper this important legislation: Ford.

We've just heard from some high-level sources that Ford is pressuring Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, to weaken the UK's position on proposed European emissions targets.

What's the opposite of greenwash?

Posted by jamess — 5 November 2010 at 3:35pm - Comments

Why are car companies hiding their progress? Photo: drinksmachine

It's not often you see car companies trying to hide their green achievements. We're more used to seeing them worn boastfully on the outside. The way Superman wears his underpants.

So why would they hide them now?

The Corporate Social Responsibility guys must be choking on their almond croissants. Today's news is something they want to shout about: fast, tangible progress on vehicle efficiency technology that reduces emissions. Greener cars, greener company. This time they don't have to make it up. But they're being hushed up by the lobbyists in the boardroom, who know that talking about these gains is going to counter their main argument with politicians: that their companies can't comply with proposed CO2 targets in time.

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