Waste Dump Sites

Bury it deep under the carpet, along with all of nuclear's other problems

Posted by bex — 28 July 2006 at 8:00am - Comments
A radioactive waste dump in Buryakovka, Russia

A radioactive waste dump in Buryakovka, Russia

CoRWM has recommended that the UK should manage its radioactive waste pile through "deep geological disposal", also known as deep dumping.

A bad month for Blair

Posted by bex — 5 July 2006 at 8:00am - Comments

Radioactive Champagne?

Radioactive champagne, near nuclear meltdowns, leaked terrorism documents and a nuclear waste train crash... In the same month that Tony Blair announced nuclear power was "back on the agenda with a vengeance", events in the real world put the lie to nuclear industry spin.

Future radiation doses from waste dumping to exceed 2005 limits

Posted by bex — 4 November 2005 at 9:00am - Comments
Estimates of radiation doses to the public in the future, from the release of radioactive materials from the Drigg nuclear dump site, could reach up to 30 times than the legal maximum permissible now! Moreover, Drigg, the UK's main low-level waste dump is likely to be destroyed by coastal erosion in 500 years.

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