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Hardcore prawns: trashing tropical seas for a cheap treat

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When I was little, salmon and shrimps were posh, fancy food, served up at celebrations and the like. Fast forward a few decades and both of those have descended to becoming everyday food, available in pre-packed sandwiches and cheap meals in every supermarket.

But cheap and available at what real cost?

To farm or not to farm?

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50 percent of fresh supermarket fish comes from farms

50 per cent of fresh fish sold in supermarkets comes from farms

One obvious response to the disappearance of wild fish from our seas is "Why don’t we replace them with farmed varieties. We do it with land animals, so why not fish?" Of course this is already happening – over 40 per cent of the world's fish production already comes from aquaculture, and 50 per cent of fish sold in UK supermarkets comes from farms. These pen-reared fish grow at a phenomenal rate. For example, wild cod double in size every year, but hatchery cod quadruple in the same period. Given that size determines reproductive rate, at first glance this could be a solution to repopulating wild stocks.

Greenpeace demands an immediate moratorium on the increase in shrimp farming

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28 July, 2003

On July 26th, Greenpeace joined thousands of people in the fishing community worldwide, in demonstrations against the destruction caused by the shrimp farming industry. (1). Although the impacts caused by this industry are well known, the latest data released by FAO (UN Organisation for Food and Agriculture) confirms that the production of farmed shrimp is still increasing.

Precious mangroves threatened by shrimp and prawn farming July 26th: International Day of the Mangroves

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Mangrove in Equador

Mangrove in Equador