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10 April, 2007

Eon has applied to the DTI for permission to build two supercritical coal-fired generating units at Kingsnorth Power Station in Kent. This is the full text of Greenpeace's letter to Alistair Darling of the DTI, objecting to the proposal because the new units would perpetuate a highly carbon-intensive and inefficient form of energy generation and would go against government policy on both climate change and energy sources. Greenpeace is demanding an inquiry into the application.


Download the report:

EC investigation into illegal state aid for UK's flagship nuclear clean up body

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30 November, 2004

The European Commission is expected to begin an investigation on December 1st into whether the UK will contravene European competition rules through establishing the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Offshore wind power could bring up to 38,000 jobs to north east says new report

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19 October, 2004

The growing offshore wind power industry could bring up to 76,000 new jobs to the UK with up to 38,000 of them in the North East region of England according to a new report released today.(1)

The report has already been welcomed by the Prime Minister and two of Britain's major trade unions: the GMB and Community.

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