Fracking company ignores request for open debate on Twitter

Posted by jamie — 14 August 2013 at 11:17am - Comments

Yesterday, we asked fracking company Cuadrilla - currently being surrounded by protesters in the Sussex village of Balcombe - for an open, transparent debate on Twitter about, well, fracking. Sadly, we were rebuffed.

Perhaps rebuffed isn't the right word. Ignored? Avoided? Rejected? Evaded? Given the cold shoulder? The fact is, we didn't hear a peep out of them all day and @CuadrillaUK was silent - strange given that it relatively active in recent weeks and positively verbose on the previous day.

Stranger still, just last week CEO Francis Egan was gave the impression that he's all for a big debate:

Asked how he would improve the public perception of the company, Egan, echoing Tony Blair's famous 1997 election pledge, replied: "Communication, communication, communication."

And yet even when other tweeters began putting their burning questions to Cuadrilla, there was silence.

We'll keep trying but in the meantime, here are highlights from our attempt yesterday to get a meaty debate going.

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