Beyond fracking, from Balcombe to Lancashire

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RepowerBalcombe members launch their solar coop

Guest blog: Joe Nixon explains how his town, Balcombe in West Sussex, turned the threat of fracking into an opportunity for renewable energy.

Democracy in direct action

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Caroline Lucas winning her seat in Parliament
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Winning in Brighton & Hove

Here is the news. Caroline Lucas has been acquitted of all charges relating to participating in a peaceful protest against fracking in Balcombe. I am happy.

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Cuadrilla withdraws Balcombe application – Greenpeace responds

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3 September, 2013

Cuadrilla has withdrawn its application to extend the time in which it can drill for oil in Balcombe. It has instead decided to “reassess our programme and, in turn, the terms of our current planning application.”

Commenting on the news, Greenpeace energy campaigner Leila Deen said:

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Labour comes out swinging on fracking in Balcombe

Posted by kcumming — 22 August 2013 at 2:33pm - Comments

Freshly delivered into letterboxes in Balcombe - a strongly worded (bordering on downright anti-) fracking leaflet from the local Labour Party.