It's time for David Cameron to stop hiding in the smog!

Posted by Aakash Naik — 1 April 2016 at 4:04pm - Comments
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We all need to get from A to B, to go to work, to take our children to school. But we shouldn't have to breathe toxic air in order to do so. The Government must develop an action plan to clean up our air, improve our journeys and save thousands of lives every year.

We desperately need a clean air action plan to save thousands of lives every year.
Here are five policy areas the government should focus on immediately.   

1. An Electric Vehicle revolution
Imagine a mass switch from gas guzzling cars and lorries to cleaner and greener vehicles on a national scale. The government can make this dream a reality by driving consumers and companies to make the right choices for our health. By encouraging the use of shared car schemes & subsidising clean cars and giving tax breaks to people and businesses, we’d be making it far easier for people to switch to cleaner, greener transport. 

2. Create a network of clean air zones 
We all want to protect children, patients and vulnerable people from the worst effects of air pollution. Action to create clean air zones in towns and cities would most quickly protect people in and around schools and hospitals. In the short run, the government could ensure that alerts are issued in advance and hotspots declared ‘car free’ when air pollution reaches unhealthy limits.  

3. Cleaner and greener public transport
A cleaner and larger transport network is desperately needed. We also need an ambitious and forward thinking plan to encourage even more cyclists onto our roads. The government could make this happen by pushing and supporting buses and taxis to clean up their act and empowering local councils to make this their mission. 

4. Regulate the car industry
Set tougher standards for new cars, and improve real-world emissions testing systems so that dangerous polluting cars are kept off the road. Make sure cheating companies like VW are punished.

5. Save lives - Don’t waste £billions on new roads 
Prioritise tackling air pollution by spending money on projects that would give people clean transport choices, ahead of building new roads that will only lead to more air pollution. 

David Cameron has the power to change things
. Click here to demand action for clean air now!

London's air quality is one of the worst in Europe. The next Mayor of London should make cleaning London's air one of thier top priorities. If you live in London, click here to tweet the candidates for Mayor. 


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