New petition: The government must urgently rethink plans to hike taxes on UK solar

Posted by Richard Casson — 15 December 2016 at 2:09pm - Comments
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This morning I sent an email to Greenpeace's email list, explaining how the government is due to introduce huge tax hikes that could have a devastating impact on the UK solar industry. Here's the email below in case you missed it, and a link to the petition you can sign to push back.

Or you can read in depth over on our Energydesk blog.

Hi there,

We've just found out that the government is about to attack solar power yet again. Unbelievably, ministers are planning to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with a huge tax hike.

Recent government funding cuts have already triggered thousands of job losses in the UK solar industry [1]. But now, if changes to tax on solar panels are pushed through, experts are warning the solar industry will be left decimated [2].

This week marks exactly a year since the Paris climate deal was agreed by world leaders. So twelve months on from that historic moment for our planet, let's urgently tell the government it should be doubling down on investment in UK solar power -- not slamming the industry with colossal, unmanageable tax hikes.


Green, sustainable energy could play a crucial role in powering Britain, helping us to keep the lights on and to do our bit in slashing planet warming emissions.

With the right support, renewables could form a cornerstone of government plans to create new opportunities and new jobs after Brexit too. But instead of throwing its weight behind the industry, the government's new tax plan looks set to put more solar firms out of business.

In a world where Donald Trump wants to appoint oil barons and climate change deniers to the highest levels of his government [3], it couldn't be more vital that we seize each chance to stick up for clean energy around the world -- and right now that means defending solar power in the UK. Please add your name to the petition and demand that the government urgently rethinks the solar tax hike plans.


For lots of people, choosing solar power isn't just about cutting emissions -- it's also about saving money. And up until now, businesses and schools that rolled out panels on their rooftops could stand to benefit from saving cash on their electricity bills. But the government's new tax plan is so severe that any savings could be diminished or even wiped out.

If installing panels no longer helps schools and businesses to save cash, solar firms fear the UK will see another catastrophic drop in the number of people choosing to put panels on their rooftops.

Zoe, who works for a solar firm near Brighton, sums up the bleak reality the industry faces: "Our business has already been hugely damaged by the huge [government] cuts. If these taxes are bought in it will be the final nail in the coffin."

If you agree ministers should go back to the drawing board and rethink government plans for such severe tax hikes on solar, please click below to sign the petition. It'll only take 30 seconds to add your name:


Thanks for all you do,

Greenpeace UK

1. Solar subsidy cuts lead to loss of 12,000 jobs 2. Big business calls on government to halt solar tax hike
3. Donald Trump's pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency

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