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Two years have passed since world leaders promised all of us a deal to stop climate change. After two weeks of UN negotiations, politicians breezed in, had dinner with the Queen and then failed to deliver any meaningful action on climate change.

As we all try to come to terms with the historic failure of nerve and vision that paralysed the Copenhagen climate summit, the response of Greenpeace members around the world has been fast and focused: expressing their condemnation of world leaders unwilling or unable to lead in a time of crisis, and demanding the release of the four Greenpeace activists who face spending Christmas in jail after making a peaceful protest at the Danish Queen's dinner for Heads of State.


Climate Injustice - A night vigil is held outside Vestre Fængsel  prison

Over 100 Greenpeace staff and supporters held a candle-lit vigil outside Vestre Fængsel prison, Copenhagen, where four of our activists face spending Christmas in jail - held in isolation and without trial. Three of them took part in the peaceful protest at the Danish Queen's Heads of State dinner during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

GP Turkey response the COP15, Copenhagen

In Copenhagen itself Greenpeace activists project the message 'Copenhagen: Job not done!' over the famous Galata Tower in Istanbul in four different languages - Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and English. The message urged world leaders to avert the catastrophic climate change with a stronger, legally binding agreement before it's too late.


GP India response the COP15, Copenhagen

GP India response the COP15, Copenhagen 2

In India Greenpeace activists staged a Hindu 'funeral' procession for the Earth, with the message 'Climate: Failure not an option' and 'Act Now – save our Future'. Greenpeace strongly condemns world leaders for walking away from the global summit in Copenhagen without a treaty to save the climate.


GP China response the COP15, Copenhagen

GP China response the COP15, Copenhagen 2

Central district, Hong Kong: Greenpeace activists plant 100 crosses at the Cenotaph in to mourn the death of populations caused by climate change and the failure of the Copenhagen meeting. The lack of commitment by developed regions ,including Hong Kong,  is putting the earth's ecological balance and the future of all mankind at risk.


Mexico climate change scenario

Chapultepec Lake, Mexico City: Greenpeace activists protest  by holding banners reading 'Politicians You Failed Now solve Your Own Disaster' in Spanish and English, and enacting a future disaster climate change scenario for Mexico after the failure of the COP15 Copenhagen climate talks.

Mexico will be the venue of the next UN Climate Conference in 2010, hence the 'Welcome to Mexico' and 'COP-16' on the taxi in the picture.

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