Farewell to the Rainbow Warriors

Posted by bex — 5 November 2008 at 4:57pm - Comments

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Sadly, all good things come to an end and, yesterday afternoon, the Rainbow Warrior hauled up her lines and left Canary Wharf, heading for mainland Europe to continue her campaign against coal.

As a thanks to the amazing crew - who've had maybe the busiest two weeks of their Greenpeace ship lives - we've put together a slideshow capturing the quieter moments inbetween the frenetic events, open days and direct actions. The photographs are all by Will Rose (onboard photographer and one of the Kingsnorth Six) and Kajsa Sjolander (Rainbow Warrior deckhand and garbologist, when she's not being a photo journalist).

The Warrior leaves the campaign against new coal in the UK stronger than ever. If we're going to beat climate change, we - individuals, politicians, campaigning oprganisations - need to do it together. And over the past couple of weeks, the Warrior has provided an inspiring venue where relationships have been forged between people from all these worlds, united in the battle to stop new coal.

But, as I've said before, there's everything to play for; the decision on whether to approve a new generation of coal fired power stations has yet to be taken, and the new minister for climate change and energy, Ed Miliband, needs to hear from as many people as possible that British people want the UK to deliver on renewables and say no to new coal. You can write to Miliband here.

So thanks again for following the tour - and thanks to all the crew, volunteers, supporters and other visitors to the Warrior over the past couple of weeks.

I'll give the last word to Pete, volunteer deckhand, who wrote this just before he left the ship (if you'd like to get more involved with Greenpeace - whether it's becoming an active supporter like Pete, taking action online or supporting us with a donation - find out how here):

Today I sadly leave the Rainbow Warrior before she sets off for the continent on the next leg of the Quit Coal world tour.

Maybe people outside Greenpeace won't understand but I'm sure all within will know what I mean when I say that this has been the most incredible time for me; I've come to know the ship and the wonderful people involved, from Alex the deckhand to Mike the Captain - and the star of the show, Miguel the cook.

It's an amazing place with a unique 'family atmosphere, which I have been privileged to be part of for this short time.

It's certainly been hard work - the level of activity intense but satisfying. I've cleaned toilets, coiled lines, crewed on a RHIB and taken part in a direct action, tying onto E.on's jetty.

I've witnessed first hand the dedication of supporters turning up in all weathers to visit the ship and, of course, the volunteers who have helped make the Warrior's visit such a success.

A heartfelt thank you to Greenpeace for giving me this opportunity and to all who have made me feel so welcome.

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