Farewell to the Rainbow Warriors

Posted by bex — 5 November 2008 at 4:57pm - Comments

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Sadly, all good things come to an end and, yesterday afternoon, the Rainbow Warrior hauled up her lines and left Canary Wharf, heading for mainland Europe to continue her campaign against coal.

As a thanks to the amazing crew - who've had maybe the busiest two weeks of their Greenpeace ship lives - we've put together a slideshow capturing the quieter moments inbetween the frenetic events, open days and direct actions. The photographs are all by Will Rose (onboard photographer and one of the Kingsnorth Six) and Kajsa Sjolander (Rainbow Warrior deckhand and garbologist, when she's not being a photo journalist).

Video: onboard the Rainbow Warrior

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Over the past couple of weeks, we've had a huge number of visitors onboard the Rainbow Warrior, from scientists and campaigners to politicians and journalists. Many of the visitors - like The RSPB and Oxfam - have written about their experiences. The Telegraph went one step further and put together this video about their day onboard the Warrior:

Is there anybody left who wants new coal for the UK?

Posted by bex — 28 October 2008 at 10:01am - Comments

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I'd love to be a fly on the wall at E.on's HQ at the moment. When the head of the Women's Institute - along with heads of other groups representing four million people in the UK - boards the Rainbow Warrior, signs a declaration, climbs into a Greenpeace inflatable boat, drives up to Kingsnorth coal plant and hand delivers a declaration saying no to new coal to E.on staff, the company must, surely, be sweating it a bit:

View from the crow's nest

Posted by bex — 24 October 2008 at 9:28am - Comments

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We've made it to Kent (sailing past Kingsnorth power station an hour or so ago, complete with police escort for some reason...) and we're just about to start our climate change impacts tour with Dr Geoff Meaden.

More on that later - for now, have a look at this sequence our videographer took from the Warrior's crow's nest, as we came through Tower Bridge last night:

View from the crow's nest from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

And don't forget, the Warrior is opening her gangplank to the public tomorrow and Sunday in Southend-on-Sea - and you're invited to come on board and meet the crew.

People, politics and passion: 24 hours on the Warrior

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Survival suit

Nick, in a survival suit. © Will Rose / Greenpeace

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I'm not sure where to start. In the past 24 hours, I've watched senior advisers to the shadow cabinet take a ride in one of our inflatable boats (wearing Greenpeace-branded dry suits); mopped, swept and wiped all manner of surfaces; talked to artists, designers and film producers about our work and the coal campaign; learned how to coil rope properly; donned a survival suit during safety training (see the picture of Nick, resplendent in similar garb, above); helped to take down a giant banner; eavesdropped on energy policy discussions with advisers at the heart of Labour's government; and cleaned a lot of toilets.

I think I'd better start with the Tories, who visited the Warrior this afternoon. They were here not to have the mickey taken out of them as they got into the inflatable boat ("when we get to parliament, you three unfurl that banner and the rest of you storm past the guards" etc) but to talk about energy policy with our chief scientist, energy campaigners and policy wonks - just as Labour advisers did this morning.

Message from the Rainbow Warrior: stop coal and kick start clean energy

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Kick start clean energy

"Kick start clean energy" written on the side of the Rainbow Warrior in LEDs, with London buildings behind. © Will Rose / Greenpeace

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Captain MikeThe Rainbow Warrior is a ship full of stories; everywhere on the ship there are photographs of the non-violent direct actions Greenpeace has taken over the years, artefacts from our campaigns, painted totems donated by Native Canadian people, pictures drawn by visitors to the boat, and portraits of crew members past and present. And every time you talk to someone who knows the ship and her history intimately, like the captain, you get the chance to hear more.

There's no way I'd have time to pass on all the stories I'm hearing but I am going to try and record a few of them for you, starting with Mike, the Captain (pictured), telling last night's guests the story of the Rainbow Warrior sailing into the Moruroa test zone. It's quite a story - have a listen to this mp3:

But our visitors last night didn't just hear stories from the past. They also got to hear - and see - a good deal about our present campaign: to give coal the boot and kickstart a clean energy revolution.

Amy goes to Glastonbury

Posted by bex — 11 July 2008 at 3:19pm - Comments

After her adventures at the Make a NOise carnival, Amy Greenhouse is back. This time, she joined us at Glastonbury to show the farm a bit of love. The question is, where's Trace?

With big thanks to Niall and Jason from Tellyjuice.

Greenpeace, Google Earth and global awareness

Posted by bex — 8 April 2008 at 9:39am - Comments

Google Earth

Google Earth launches a new layer

Images have a way of penetrating the mind and conveying information more immediately and powerfully than reams of words and, as far as images of our planet go, they don't come much more powerful than Google Earth.

The application - which has already done its fair share of enabling people to use technology for the good of the planet - has launched a new Outreach programme, encouraging us at Greenpeace and other organisations to use the application to spread global awareness.

Greenpeace podcast: Aldermaston and airports on the airwaves

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Welcome to our very first Greenpeace podcast! It's going to be a fortnightly affair, so make sure you subscribe.

In this episode, we head down to Aldermaston's nuclear weapons factory on the 50th anniversary of the first legendary march - and meet a few of the folks who were there the first time around. Greenpeace's James Turner joins hundreds of flash mobbers at Heathrow's Terminal 5 on its opening day to find out why so many people are saying "enough's enough" when it comes to airport expansion. And climate change writer and campaigner Mark Lynas tells Joss Garman what he thinks of new runways, new coal, new mayors and the need for mass action. The podcast is presented by our very own James Turner.

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Video: Heathrow protest

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