Arctic in London with amazing 3D projection ft. Jason Mraz and Ezra Miller

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Last Saturday, the Arctic arrived in the UK. The I ♥ Arctic global day of action saw more than 10,000 of us around the world, in more than 280 cities, come together in a declaration of love for the Arctic. The day culminated in a massive effort from amazing volunteers and donated equipment, in the production of the biggest Arctic landscape the streets of London have ever seen - testament to the collective creativity of passionate people.

We love the Arctic - April 20 - Central London

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As the ice melts, oil companies are threatening the pristine Arctic with industrial disaster. On Saturday, April 20, at 8:30pm, the world is calling for action to protect the Arctic for all of humanity.

The Arctic, live, in central London

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This April is a big month for the Arctic. Our expedition of young leaders making the long trek to reach the North Pole is nearly underway. When they reach the North Pole, they will lower the time capsule containing nearly 3 million names of people who have joined the global call to Save the Arctic, and plant the Flag for the Future. And when they do that, our movement will come together across the planet.

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