AWE Aldermaston now in US hands

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A Trident D5 crashes on take off

Trident - costs and 'independence' are both spinning out of control

The management of the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, the 'bomb factory' which makes and maintains the UK's nuclear warheads, is now controlled by private US companies following the sale of the government's 33 per cent holding yesterday.

The news, a further nail in the coffin of the flimsy pretence that Britain has an independent nuclear deterent, only came to light in a three line press statement released by BNFL, the state-owned group which officially 'owned' the government's stake.

Shock and AWE as bomb factory goes up for sale

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Razor wire fence surrounding AWE Aldermaston

Watch out world! Hot on the heels of the story that next-generation US designed Trident missiles may be too large to fit in the UK's submarine fleet comes news of another blow to the prestige of our very own nuclear deterrent - Aldermaston, aka 'Britain's Bomb Factory', is set to come under US control for the first time.

Leak forces Sellafield to close

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UK Energy Bill illegal under EC law

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Greenpeace action against nuclear transport from Muehleberg to Sellafield

Greenpeace action against nuclear transport from Muehleberg to Sellafield

The Government's Energy Bill, which is due for its second reading in the House of Commons this week, may breach European Commission rules on state aid.

We sought expert legal opinion on the bill, which was designed to establish the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The NDA was meant to oversee the UK's radioactive waste problem, but its remit has already been extended - before it even exists - to bail out private nuclear companies.

New authority contributes to nuclear nightmare

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The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) began operation in 2005. The Authority was originally proposed to oversee the UK's radioactive waste problem - mainly caused by civil nuclear industry activities.

Unfortunately, the role of the Authority has already been radically changed since it was originally proposed. The NDA is now continuing to oversee the operation of nuclear facilities which create nuclear waste - thus adding to a major problem. For example, the NDA runs BNFL's ageing, loss-making Magnox reactors, plus two spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plants and a MOX plant at Sellafield. This will mean an ever increasing bill for the taxpayer.

Japanese nuclear safety cover-up - devastating news for British MOX business

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BNFL shipment: Pacific Pintail

BNFL shipment: Pacific Pintail

Japan's largest nuclear utility has announced that a safety cover-up at its nuclear power plants has been going on for decades - a devastating blow to an already embattled nuclear industry, with global implications.

BNFL incompetent and unsafe - it's official

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Before the Government decided it needed to set up a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, three reports into safety operations by BNFL at Sellafield nuclear plant were published today by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate in February 2000.

They cover:

BNFL launches legal blitz against protesters in France and UK

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Greenpeace - Stop PlutoniumBritish Nuclear Fuels Ltd is attempting to stifle public debate by seeking injunctions today in the United Kingdom and France to prevent Greenpeace protesting against a secret shipment of nuclear weapons-usable plutonium fuel from Europe to Japan, the environment group reported today.Two British freighters, the Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal, are due to leave the port of Barrow in northern England imminently to underta
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