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Why we're supporting high-speed rail done right

Posted by jamie — 17 January 2012 at 1:18pm - Comments
Speeding train
All rights reserved. Credit: Victor Svensson
HS2 is great in principle, but the plan has plenty of holes

Last week, the government gave the thumbs-up to the first phase of the new high-speed rail network (aka HS2). Since then, debate between those for and against has filled the media including a piece in the Mail claiming Greenpeace is opposed to the project. We're not of course, but it does need correcting.

Trains, not planes: high speed rail plan gives airport expansion what for

Posted by jamie — 5 August 2009 at 3:16pm - Comments

When the new Eurostar terminal opened at St Pancras in 2007, we gave it a big thumbs up

In one fell swoop, a massive hole has been blown in the government's aviation policy. And the person holding the detonator is not a member of the shadow cabinet or even a group of campaigners, but no lesser person than the transport secretary Lord Adonis and his plan for a network of high speed trains for the UK. Crikey.

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