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Security Breach at National Gallery for Arctic Oil Protest

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21 February, 2012

Environmental campaigners have evaded security and scaled the National Gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The gallery, home to thousands of paintings including masterpieces by Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci, is this evening hosting an event for energy giant Shell, who is planning to drill for oil in the Arctic this summer.

The campaigners, from Greenpeace, are preparing to drop a 40 metre square banner, which has a picture of an oil rig and the words ’It’s No Oil Painting’, down the front of the gallery.

Hannah Davey from Greenpeace, who is currently on the roof of the National Gallery, said:

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Arctic oil spill plans completely inadequate, say top experts

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Cairn took two years to release controversial documents

31 August, 2011

A British oil company has been accused of "breathtaking irresponsibility" after it admitted that its plans for cleaning upan Arctic oil spill included cutting out chunks of oiled ice and melting them in heated warehouses, relying on "limited portable lights" during the six months of the year in which the region is shrouded in darkness, and the suggestion that cod and salmon might swim out of the way of the oil. Any Arctic clean up operation would grind to a halt completely in the winter months.

Cairn Energy, who are spearheading the new Arctic oil rush, also admits that the sort of conventional spill response techniques used in the Gulf of Mexico - such as booms, skimmers and dispersants -will be significantly less effective, if not completely useless, in the harsh Arctic environment. (1)

Review of Cairn Oil Spill Prevention and Contingency Plan (OSCP), Exploration Drilling Programme - 2011 Greenland

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A full review of Cairn Energy's Oil Spill Response Plan, published by the Greenland government in August 2011 by Professor Richard Steiner, University of Alaska (ret.), Oil Spill Consultant.

Verdict: Cairn's oil spill plan is outlandish, simplistic and "wholly inadequate"

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Cairn's Leiv Eriksson rig off the coast of Greenland
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace / Steve Morgan
Cairn's Leiv Eriksson rig off the coast of Greenland

Earlier this month, after more than 100,000 of you asked Cairn Energy to open up its Arctic oil spill response plan to public scrutiny, the government of Greenland stepped in and published it.

The verdict is now in. Veteran marine biologist and international oil spill expert Professor Richard Steiner has completed a review of the plan and, well, it's no wonder Cairn didn't want you to see it.

Briefing: Greenpeace analysis of the Cairn Oil Spill Prevention and Contingency Plan

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For the two years that Cairn has been operating in the Arctic, it has repeatedly refused to publish an oil spill response plan - the document that supposedly shows how the company would deal with a spill. Recently, after massive public and political pressure, the Greenland government - not Cairn - finally buckled and published the oil spill response plan.

This is a summary and analysis of Cairn's oil spill plan from independent expert Rick Steiner and Greenpeace Arctic campaigners.

Download the analysis:

Published: Cairn's oil spill response plan!

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In the event of an oil spill, turn immediately to page 13
All rights reserved. Credit: Cairn Energy
Page one of Cairn's spill response plan

You know that oil spill response plan that Cairn has been refusing to publish? The one that tens of thousands of you asked to see? The one we went to the Arctic and to Cairn's Edinburgh HQ to look for? The one they were so worried we'd found, they slapped a legal interdict on us to prevent us from publishing it?

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