Major blow for biotech as Bayer stops GM research in India

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17 November, 2004

In a major blow to the future of genetically modified (GM) crops in the developing world, GM company Bayer has announced that it has stopped all its work on creating new GM crops in India. In a letter to Greenpeace, Bayer claims that the decision to stop GM research was "due to changes in our global research strategy," and concedes that all work on GM cabbage, cauliflower, aubergine, tomato and mustard seed has stopped. The company will now only concentrate on conventional plant breeding.

GM ruling win

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GM activists boarding the MV Etoile

GM activists boarding the MV Etoile

Thirteen Greenpeace volunteers who stopped a shipment of genetically modified (GM) crops from entering the UK have had a charge dropped against them.

The charges alleged that our volunteers endangered the safety of the MV Etoile when they stopped it docking at Bristol to unload a cargo of GM crops in June. However, South Wales Magistrates Court decided that there was not enough evidence for a crown jury to consider the charge.

Greenpeace volunteers win GM ruling

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8 November, 2004

A South Wales magistrates court today ruled that 13 Greenpeace volunteers who stopped a shipment of GM crops from entering in the UK do not have to face charges under the Merchant Shipping Act.

Bush suppresses GM crop warnings

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Greenpeace activists intercept ship carrying contaminated maize to Mexico

Greenpeace activists intercept ship carrying contaminated maize to Mexico

Monsanto and the US government have been telling the world that genetically modified crops pose no contamination threat to natural indigenous species. But we have learned from a leaked report that NAFTA disagrees and is recommending steps to avoid a genetic threat to natural maize in Mexico.

Greenpeace volunteers in court tomorrow for preventing GM import into Bristol

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29 June, 2004

13 Greenpeace volunteers involved in preventing one of the world's biggest ships from docking at Bristol and unloading a huge cargo of American GM crops will appear in court tomorrow (30/06/04) in Barry, South Wales (1).

The hearing is being held at 9.45am at Vale of Glamorgan Magistrates' Court, Thompson Street, Barry, Wales.

Greenpeace climbers remain onboard GM ship for over 36 hours

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22 June, 2004

Ship carrying GM maize expected to make another bid to dock this morning.

Authorities are expected this morning to make a fourth attempt to bring a huge ship carrying GM maize into port in Bristol after Greenpeace protestors have prevented previous attempts.

Three Greenpeace climbers remain on the MV Etoile after boarding it at 6pm on Sunday.

A police helicopter landed on the ship last night and police climbers removed two protestors who were hanging off ropes above the propeller. 12 Greenpeace volunteers have so far been arrested.

Greenpeace campaign sees Sainsbury's trial non-GM milk

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An activist with the GM milk

An activist with the GM milk

Background to the WTO GM dispute

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Publication date: 
27 May, 2004


At a time when GM food continues to cause controversy worldwide, and the legitimacy of the WTO itself has come under question, the WTO GM dispute between the US and EU looks set to be one of the most challenging in the WTO's history. The outcome of the WTO GM dispute will have major ramifications for the development of the environmental, social and health aspects of trade policy and is likely to have both substantive and symbolic importance worldwide.

Download the report:

European Parliament elections: 10 June 2004

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Illegal timber found in the European Parliament

Illegal timber found in a European Parliament building earlier this year

Global anti-GM coalition submits case to WTO

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27 May, 2004

Campaign groups say trade body must not be stooge for biotech