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We want the politicians to come and get their feet wet

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Luís comes from a family of fishermen. His great-grandfather started fishing in the tiny village of Cabo de Gata, near Almería, Spain, many years ago. Today, Luís is teaching is son the ropes. He's the first of the fifth generation of fishermen from this family.

Senegal's catch of a lifetime

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The local fishing community in Thiaroye, Dakar, is celebrating. Since the new Senegalese government took action to stop overfishing, fisheries in the region are slowly regenerating, and fishermen are returning home with healthier catches.

Manifesto for fair fisheries

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7 August, 2012

Joint declaration between Greenpeace, NUTFA, UK Fishermen’s Associations and fishermen on the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. 

The EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has not worked and is not working for fish, fishermen, the marine environment, coastal communities, or consumers. The system is broken and the 2012 reform process is our best, last chance to fix it. 

Download the report:

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