European Court slams UK claims of “transparent and objective” distribution of fishing quota

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1 June, 2017

The European Court of Auditors has contradicted the UK Government’s claims, made in a UK court in November 2015 during a judicial review brought by Greenpeace UK, that its distribution of fishing quota was both transparent and objective.

In 2015, Greenpeace UK took the Government to court on the basis that it was not implementing Article 17 of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which requires member states to allocate quota according to transparent and objective criteria along environmental, social and economic lines.

Time to transform our fishing industry: for fishermen and the ocean.

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George Eustice signing a petition asking the Government to reallocate quota.
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
George Eustice signing a Greenpeace petition asking the Government to reallocate fishing quota.

George Eustice MP, fisheries minister has the power to transform the UK’s fishing industry. Will he use it?

Will George Eustice finally create a fair deal for small-scale fishermen?

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George Eustice signing a Greenpeace petition asking the Government to reallocate
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
George Eustice signing a petition asking the government to create a fair deal for small-scale fishermen.

(Guest blog by Frances Rankin)

Fisheries Minister George Eustice was at the House of Lords yesterday, facing questions on the future of the fishing industry after we leave the EU.

Fisheries minister must seize opportunity to end ‘absurdly unequal’ fishing policy, says Greenpeace

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13 September, 2016

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Fisheries Minister George Eustice MP will appear before the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, as part of an inquiry into Brexit and UK fisheries policy.

Commenting ahead of the session, Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner Alix Foster Vander Elst said:

‘It’s no secret that small-scale fishermen have been left cheated and neglected by the current quota system. But while George Eustice has held up leaving the EU as a magic pill to cure the fishing industry, it was his department which gave almost two-thirds of fishing quota to just three companies, leaving small-scale fishermen struggling.

New Brexit minister David Davis urged to back fair and sustainable fisheries, food and farming

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14 July, 2016

Greenpeace has joined over 80 organisations to call on David Davis, in his newly-appointed position as Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union, to ensure that fair and environmentally sustainable fishing, food and farming are a central component of the UK’s post-Brexit strategy.

Greenpeace UK’s Executive Director, John Sauven, said:

“Britain is in flux. But in the midst of such uncertainty the Government must come clean about whether it will safeguard environmental protections which have taken decades to develop. From science-led fishing quotas, to the protection of wildlife and habitats and sustainable farming – the Government must commit to not bartering away policies that promote healthier lifestyles, create jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Brexit flotilla’s star trawler was involved in £63m fishing fraud

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Millionaire fish quota baron behind Thames protest’s lead vessel

15 June, 2016

The flagship of a pro-Brexit flotilla currently sailing up the Thames was caught up in the UK’s largest ever fraud involving illegal catches of fish and is now partly owned by one of the richest fishing barons in the country, Greenpeace can reveal.

The Christina S, a 72-metre-long pelagic trawler, is one of two large vessels meant to be the showstoppers in a river protest organised by Scottish skippers heading towards Westminster this morning to call for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.  

Government fishing policy judicial review verdict – Greenpeace response

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18 January, 2016

Following a recent judicial review which saw Greenpeace challenge the UK Government over its distribution of fishing quota, Mrs Justice Andrews DBE has ruled in the Government’s favour.

Responding to the verdict, Greenpeace UK’s Head of Oceans, Will McCallum, said:

‘Low-impact fishing boats are the lifeblood of the UK’s fishing industry. They make up the vast majority of our fleet – but the Government’s only giving them the crumbs off the table. That’s why we launched this legal challenge.

UK Government in court over “wrongheaded” fishing policy

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20 November, 2015
Next week (24-25 November) a judicial review hearing at the High Court will see Greenpeace challenge the UK Government over its distribution of fishing quota.

Greenpeace is arguing that the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has failed to implement Article 17 of the EU’s reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which emphasises transparency and environmental, social and economic criteria in the allocation of fishing quota.

Greenpeace wins permission to take UK government to court over fish quotas

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All rights reserved. Credit: John Cobb / Greenpeace
Fishermen outside the High Court in 2013

Yesterday the UK High Court gave the green light for a full judicial review into whether the UK fishing quota allocation system is unlawful under new European law. 

The government has given out fishing quota in largely the same way since the mid-90s. About 95% of the fishing quota is awarded to the larger end of the fleet, most notably domestic and foreign controlled industrial fishing businesses – such as the vessel Cornelis Vrolijk - which we previously exposed. It's symbolic of just how broken the system is.

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