Greenpeace boats sunk as environmentalists attempt to save endangered bluefin tuna

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4 June, 2010

Greenpeace campaigners attempted to free endangered bluefin tuna from a fishing net in the Mediterranean Sea this afternoon.

Using high-speed inflatable boats, they tried to manoeuvre the net to allow the fish, some of the last remaining bluefin in the ocean, to escape.

However, their attempts were met with fierce resistance from the French tuna fishing vessel. They were soon joined by other tuna ships.

Greenpeace activist injured and boats sunk in attempt to halt bluefin tuna fishing

Posted by jamie — 4 June 2010 at 3:34pm - Comments

Activists are pulled from the sea as one of our inflatables sinks © Parsons/Greenpeace

Some disturbing news is coming in from the Mediterranean where, for the past two weeks, the Rainbow Warrior and the Arctic Sunrise have been waiting for the bluefin tuna fishing season to begin. As Willie (who's on board the Arctic Sunrise) reported earlier in the week, they've been waiting along with the fishing fleet for the bad weather to subside and the tuna to arrive.

It's been a long, frustrating wait for the crew but finally, this afternoon the waiting was over. Having found a fishing vessel - the Jean Marie Christian 6 - towing a purse-seine net, both ships launched inflatables with the intention of submerging one side of the net to free the tuna trapped within, but the crews of other fishing vessels intervened in a manner which can only be described as the direct opposite of peaceful and proportional.

One of the UK activists has been injured by (and I'm wincing as I type) a grappling hook through the leg. He's being evacuated to hospital but I'm told he'll be okay. We've also lost two inflatables which were slashed with knives then sunk when the fishing vessels ran over them.

A difficult start then but our two ships in the Med are going to keep taking action to shut down the bluefin fishing operations.

More updates soon.

Greenpeace on the Real Deal march in Copenhagen

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As part of an estimated 100,000-strong demonstration, Greenpeace campaigners, activists and volunteers marched through Copenhagen on Saturday to the Bella Centre, site of the UN climate summit, demanding a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement at the COP15 negotiations. This video by Michael Nagasaki captures some of the atmosphere of the event.

Video: why six Indians went to jail over climate change

Posted by jamie — 19 August 2009 at 3:49pm - Comments

It's not just on this country that people get so riled about climate change that they're driven into taking drastic action, action such as, oh I don't know, climbing a chimney stack in a coal-fired power station.

A new series of videos from our Indian office (compiled into one above) showcases six activists who explain why they climbed the chimney at Kolaghat power station in October 2007 and spent a few days in jail after their arrest.

Bail out the planet or you're not getting out

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Greenpeace volunteers blockade a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels

Bailing out the planet in Brussels © Eric de Mildt/Greenpeace

Hundreds of Greenpeace volunteers from 16 countries arrived in Brussels today and set up a barricade around the conference centre where EU finance ministers are meeting to discuss funding options to tackle climate change. Linking arms to block the exits, the volunteers were determined not to let the politicians out until they agreed a proposal to bail out the planet.

(Twitter was a-buzz with regular updates from the scene - look back over the #climateaction tag.)

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Deep Green: Atomic renaissance interrupted

Posted by jamie — 3 December 2008 at 2:32pm - Comments

Deep Green - Rex Weyler

Here's the latest in the Deep Green column from Rex Weyler -author, journalist, ecologist and long-time Greenpeace trouble-maker. The opinions here are his own, and you can sign up to get the column by email every month.

The nuclear industry has hitched a ride on the climate change bandwagon, proclaiming that nuclear power will solve the world's global warming and energy problems in one sweeping "nuclear renaissance."

As you might expect, there's a catch. Nuclear energy faces escalating capital costs, a radioactive waste backlog, security and insurance gaps, nuclear weapons proliferation, and expensive reactor decommissioning that will magnify the waste problem.

Deep Green: The dispossessed of Diego Garcia

Posted by jamie — 22 August 2008 at 12:37pm - Comments

Deep Green - Rex Weyler

Here's the latest in the Deep Green column from Rex Weyler -author, journalist, ecologist and long-time Greenpeace trouble-maker. The opinions here are his own, and you can sign up to get the column by email every month.

The dispossessed

In 1969, Marie Aimee took her two children for medical treatment, a six-day voyage across the Indian Ocean from their home on Diego Garcia island to Port Louis, Mauritius. Her husband, Dervillie Permal, stayed behind to work at a coconut oil factory and tend the family garden and animals.

After visiting the doctor and picking up supplies in Port Louis, Marie and her children arrived at the quay for the trip home. However, a British Government agent refused to allow them onto the boat, stranding Marie and her children in Mauritius. Throughout the following weeks, other marooned islanders appeared, congregating in a local slum, living in boxes or tin shacks. Two years later, Marie's husband arrived in Port Louis with one small bag and a chilling story.

Video: Melting Point

Posted by bex — 18 July 2008 at 10:32am - Comments

An excellent film from The Ecologist exposing the tactics used against environmental protestors - from espionage and legal threats to news manipulation and violence:

Via Plane Stupid.

Make throwies not runways

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No 3rd runway on a Thames barge

There's been more creative campaigning in the capital from anti-Heathrow expansion activists - this time, a message glowing softly in the dark for any evening strollers along London's South Bank to see.

'No 3rd Runway' has been written onto the side of an old, defunct barge on the Thames, just near the Oxo Tower, with tiny magnetic LEDs (like the ones shown in this Make Throwies Not Bombs video). It's yet another voice in the growing opposition to Heathrow expansion - along with the four mayoral candidates, a whole raft of organisations and, well, tens of thousands of you. Get involved!

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