Britons overwhelmingly opposed to ending 30 year-old commercial whaling ban

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20 October, 2016

London, October 20: With a 30 year-old international moratorium on hunting whales for profit under threat, new research commissioned by Greenpeace UK shows a large majority of Britons believe the UK government should take a lead in upholding the ban.

A poll by YouGov showed that 91 per cent of people believe whales should continue to have protection from being hunted.

The ban on commercial whaling is likely to be a contentious topic for some governments attending the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Slovenia which starts today. The UK has historically been a strong supporter of whale conservation in the IWC, and nearly 70 per cent of Britons polled agreed that the UK government should have a prominent role in ensuring the whaling ban is upheld.

Greenest government YouGov survey results

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19 March, 2012

Only two per cent of people believe that the coalition is the ‘greenest government ever’, according to an exclusive YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Greenpeace. 

David Cameron made the ‘greenest government ever’ pledge in May 2010. In 2006 Cameron famously posed with huskies in Norway and said that ‘since becoming leader of the Conservative Party I have sought to push the environment up to the top of the political agenda.’ 

The findings from the poll are expected to come as a personal blow to the prime minister, just days before the Budget.

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