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VW Stormtrooper: the comic

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For several months, our intrepid active supporters Jedis have been out in force, persuading thousands of members of the public to sign VW Darkside cards - which we've been sending through to the top brass at the VW's headquarters in Milton Keynes, and to their biggest dealerships.

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What you can do to promote a peaceful world

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Make no mistake; nuclear weapons are a problem today. There are approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, belonging to nine countries: US, Russian Federation, UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea. More than 1,500 of them ready to launch at a moment's notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although some may consider them an unfortunate relic from the Cold War, the truth is that the nuclear weapons states are clinging to them as hard as they can, reinventing new roles and designs for them, and making proposals for smaller 'useable' weapons. And all this despite plenty of speeches, promises and legally binding treaties to get rid of them!

From its start Greenpeace has campaigned against nuclear weapons: we have tracked plutonium and nuclear waste shipments around the globe; highlighted the dangers of reprocessing; protested against nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed warships or submarines and confronted the nuclear weapons states about their weapons programmes.

And people are with us: the majority of people and states want disarmament now!

Get active with your local Greenpeace network

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If you've been visiting our website regularly, you may have spotted a small but significant change which occurred a couple of weeks ago, when a new 'Community' link appeared in the navigation box to your left. That weeny grey box leads to a whole new section of the website we've been developing over the past year, namely the new online home for our network of active supporter groups across the country.

Volunteering at Greenpeace UK

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Volunteering with Greenpeace
Emily volunteered with us before joining full-time

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Greenpeace. There are two ways in which you can help us deliver our campaigns; by becoming an active supporter or by volunteering at our office in Islington, London.

We have various different departments here at Greenpeace UK; Marketing, Supporter Services, Outreach Team,  Campaigns, Actions, Policy & Solutions, Media, Web Team, Publications, Finance, Human Resources, Reception and Information Systems - all of which occasionally need help from volunteers.

Voluntary opportunities range from helping with administrative tasks, mail outs, data entry, data analysis, translations, design and editing, research projects, assisting with events coordination, painting, sewing, carpentry, and many more. Length of opportunities can be anything from a few hours to 1 day to a year.

Stop Climate Chaos

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Stop Climate Chaos is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change - and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. Our combined supporter base of more than 4 million people spans over 70 organisations, from environment and development charities to unions, faith, community and women's groups.

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