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Wanted: new volunteers to fight forces of darkness

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I spent yesterday in the company of around 100 Greenpeace supporters discussing plans and ideas for the next 12 months or so. It was the annual get-together of the key volunteers who keep our nationwide network of supporters motivated and informed about our campaign work. These are the people who donate their time and skills, and as always I came away amazed (not to say reinvigorated) by their commitment and enthusiasm for what Greenpeace does.

Like working for International Rescue?

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Toby Osmond

Our latest recruit Toby reflects on life as an intern here at Canonbury Villas...

Hello people! At the mo I'm interning for Greenpeace UK at their head office in London, which is fun. Before this I was volunteering on various projects and in different departments in the office.

The difference between interning and volunteering is that an internship offers more of a set role with in-depth work and projects that you can get your teeth stuck in to, whereas general volunteer work can vary daily - depending on what work needs doing in the office. Interning requires a commitment from both the individual and the organisation to basically help each other achieve their goals, be it the organisation's campaign goals or the individual's desire to gain experience in a certain field.

Volunteering at Greenpeace UK

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Volunteering with Greenpeace
Emily volunteered with us before joining full-time

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Greenpeace. There are two ways in which you can help us deliver our campaigns; by becoming an active supporter or by volunteering at our office in Islington, London.

We have various different departments here at Greenpeace UK; Marketing, Supporter Services, Outreach Team,  Campaigns, Actions, Policy & Solutions, Media, Web Team, Publications, Finance, Human Resources, Reception and Information Systems - all of which occasionally need help from volunteers.

Voluntary opportunities range from helping with administrative tasks, mail outs, data entry, data analysis, translations, design and editing, research projects, assisting with events coordination, painting, sewing, carpentry, and many more. Length of opportunities can be anything from a few hours to 1 day to a year.

Volunteer with Greenpeace

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5 April, 2007

If you are interested in volunteering in our office, please download, print out and complete the volunteer application form and either fax (020 7865 8204), email recruitment@uk.greenpeace.org or post your application form to:


Human Resources Department
Canonbury Villas
London N1 2PN

Download the report:

GM milk action - a cow's eye view

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Activists prepare to take on Sainsbury's

Activists prepare to take on Sainsbury's

Greenpeace volunteers have been out at Sainsbury's stores across the country every weekend to tell the supermarket giant we don't want GM in our milk.

Thanks to Ermintrude of Reading for her diary extract

07:30 The herd gathered early for briefings, breakfast and mooing practice. We mingled happily with white-capped milkmen and milk ladies who were to be commooonicators for the day - those tasked with talking to people and getting the Greenpeace petition signed. Our extra large sisters (aka "the double cows") learned how to work with their herdsman and tried out a few dance steps.

Turn your energy into action!

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Milk maidens at Sainsbury's

Milk maidens at Sainsbury's