Government energy announcements - Greenpeace response

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15 July, 2009


Responding to today's government energy announcements, John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, said:

"If this plan becomes a reality, it will create hundreds of thousands of green jobs and make Britain a safer and more prosperous country. This will be good for the British economy and, in the long-run, save householders money as we reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas.

Hundreds of revellers to form big 'NO' at Glastonbury in protest at airport expansion

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24 June, 2009

Hundreds of pilots, stewardesses, train drivers and passengers will attempt to form the biggest human "NO" ever seen at Glastonbury festival at midday on Saturday, in protest at the government's plans for airport expansion.

Geoff Hoon resignation - Greenpeace response

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5 June, 2009

Commenting on Geoff Hoon's resignation, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said:

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Greenpeace podcast: Airplot and a week of Heathrow drama

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The latest episode of our podcast is all about Heathrow and the plan to build a third runway. James visited the plot of land we've bought on the proposed site of the new runway, while Joss went to find out why organisations from the National Trust to the RSPB are also opposed to the idea. Meanwhile, Christian went to see what happened at the latest Climate Rush event down at Heathrow's Terminal 1.

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Want to know more about the issues in this podcast?
Join the plot to stop the third runway
The case against Heathrow
Climate Rush

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Sign the 'no third runway' petition on Number 10's website

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The land bought by Greenpeace on the site of the planned third runway

One day, all this will be yours... No wait, it already is!
© Rezac/Greenpeace

I meant to set up one of these yesterday but never quite got round to it, so I'm really pleased to see someone else (thanks, David Morgan!) has set up a Heathrow petition on the Number 10 website. If you're itching for another way to vent your anger at the government's appalling decision, sign it now.

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