Stormtroopers expose car lobby get-together

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Today the Dark Side has come to Brussels, where the world’s biggest car companies are gathering for a shadowy meeting where they will decide whether to block a key European climate law to clean up our engines.

Why cars can't be greener: top 6 myths from car makers

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Stormtroopers outside Acea car lobbying meeting in Brussels
All rights reserved. Credit: Philip Reynaers/Greenpeace
Stormtroopers outside Acea car lobbying meeting in Brussels

Despite claims that they are eco-friendly, car makers are notorious for getting in the way of regulations that will bring down CO2 emissions from their vehicles. They've spread myths about how reduction targets will affect their business, but time and again they've been proven wrong.

EU consultations made easy: making your views on reducing CO2 emissions heard

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The consultation on reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles looks daunting, but actually it's all multiple-choice questions. However it's really important to get as many people as possible saying how important it is to bring emissions down to counteract the lobbying efforts from VW and other car makers.

Ministry blocks anti-tar sands law, so we block ministry's front door

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Right now, 50 activists are blockading the Department for Transport with two immobilised cars parked in front of the entrance. Why? Because our government is trying to scupper EU legislation that will block tar sands oil - the dirtiest, most polluting form of oil there is - from being sold at UK petrol pumps.

Campaigners blockade DfT in direct action over oil lobbying

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28 November, 2011
  • 50 activists chained outside ministry on opening day of UN climate talks
  • Direct action follows fresh oil lobbying revelations

As the UN climate talks opened this morning more than fifty environmental activists took direct action to blockade both major entrances to the UK’s Department of Transport (DfT) in London whilst other campaigners demonstrated with banners outside British embassies in Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

And then there were 12: VW film competition shortlist revealed

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Voting has closed in our film competition to expose the true face of Volkswagen, and we now have a shortlist to present to the judges. Did your favourite make it into the final 12?

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Breaking the link between transport and oil

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A new report by the Institute for Public Policy Research argues that breaking the link between road transport and oil is not only possible, it would benefit the economy, create jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

Breaking the link Between transport and oil

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21 October, 2011

Greenpeace summary of the IPPR report Untying the Knot: Decoupling oil and road transport

Download the report:

Greenpeace responds to reports of change in speed limit

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29 September, 2011

Commenting on reports in The Independent newspaper (1) that the government will announce that the speed limit will be raised to 80mph, Greenpeace's senior transport campaigner Emma Gibson said:

"The Saudi oil Minister will rub his hands with glee when he learns of Philip Hammond's decision. At a time when North Sea oil production is going down and we are ever more reliant upon unstable regimes and fragile environments to fuel our cars, the Transport Secretary's decision will raise oil consumption and carbon emissions when we need to cut both."

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