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Renewables CfD auction - Greenpeace response

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26 February, 2015

In response to the first Contracts for Difference auctions for renewables, Greenpeace Chief Scientist Dr Doug Parr said -

“Today’s announcements show renewables’ costs are plummeting, and will mount a growing challenge to conventional sources of power in delivering energy security for the UK. Those who say we should tackle climate change but are opposed to wind and solar farms need to explain how they plan to cut carbon emissions whilst keeping consumer bills as low as possible. We’ve known onshore wind is much cheaper than nuclear for a while, but now we learn that solar power is already cheaper than new gas generation in some cases.

Ed Miliband's speech on climate change & global poverty

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Greenpeace response

15 January, 2015

Thursday 15th January, 2015, London - In response to Ed Miliband's speech this morning in Queens Park Community School, John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, said -

"It’s good to see Ed Miliband pushing climate change back up the political agenda and recognising that this is an issue that will determine the long-term well-being of our economy and everyone in the country, as well as millions of people living in extreme poverty overseas.  

Half of Lancashire residents worry about fracking impact on house values

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22 December, 2014

Three quarters of Lancashire residents oppose ministers' plans to allow energy firms to frack under people’s homes whilst almost half of them are worried about the impact of shale drilling on house prices, a new survey shows.

The findings are published today as some Fylde residents living close to Cuadrilla’s potential drilling sites in the area have come forward claiming shale gas developments have already affected the value of their homes and put off potential buyers and tenants.

The poll results, which form the second part of a survey by leading marketing research agency Redshift for Greenpeace UK, show nearly half (45%) of the 500 Lancashire residents interviewed are worried about the impact of fracking on house prices, with one in five (21%) saying they are very concerned.

How LEGO got awesome to #SaveTheArctic

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LEGO characters celebrate Lego dumping Shell
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
We did it! LEGO has dropped Shell

Today we got the awesome news: after a three-month campaign supported by more than a million people worldwide, LEGO has announced it will not renew its contract with Arctic destroyer Shell.

This is fantastic news for LEGO fans and Arctic defenders everywhere. And it’s a huge blow to Shell’s strategy of partnering with beloved brands to clean up its dirty image as an Arctic oil driller.

So how did we win this victory for the Arctic? Let’s take a look back at the top five moments of our campaign:

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