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Get ready for the Big Fish Fight

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Hugh and Jamie during filming of the Fish Fight series
All rights reserved. Credit: Daphne Christelis / Greenpeace
Hugh and Jamie during filming of Fish Fight outside Westminster

We're only a few days in to 2011, but already this year is shaping up to be a big one in our campaign to end the plunder of the oceans.

Greenpeace, nuclear energy and climate change

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Wind turbine construction in Butterwick

Climate change is the biggest threat we face, we can agree with the film producers on that. And if nuclear power was a feasible part of the solution to the climate crisis then we would change our position.

But it's not.

What the green movement got right

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Wind turbine construction in Butterwick

Channel 4 has broadcast another film bashing environmentalists, including Greenpeace.

We put science and practical solutions at the core of everything we do, which is why we're dismayed that Channel 4 would commission a programme littered with bad science and factual errors.

It's not just us saying it. Earlier this week statistics about climate change opinions from MORI had to be removed because they were misleading. Now one of the main contributors, Adam Werbach, is publically saying he was badly misled by Channel 4. If you'd like to read our response to the Channel 4 claims, go here.

Greenpeace, GM food aid and Zambia

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Maize from the World Food Programme in Zambia (c) Matt & Polly

Image (c) Matt & Polly

The programme What the Green Movement Got Wrong alleges that:

Greenpeace and pragmatic solutions

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Technical Director of DDK Scharfenstein Reinhard Penzis with the ozone-friendly fridge that the company has developed

The Greenfreeze refridgerator is just one of the many solutions to environmental problems we've developed in collaboration with corporations

Greenpeace, Golden Rice and vitamin A deficiency

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Greenpeace campaign about Golden Rice

Our 2001 campaign explained that there are cheaper and more effective methods of tackling vitamin A deficiency than genetically-engineered Golden Rice

Greenpeace, GM crops and world hunger

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Greenpeace, DDT and malaria

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A child protected by a mosquito net in the Amazon

The Channel 4 film claims environmentalists were responsible for a ban on DDT, which led to the death of millions from malaria. But DDT was never banned for use as a malaria preventative.