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European Court slams UK claims of “transparent and objective” distribution of fishing quota

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1 June, 2017

The European Court of Auditors has contradicted the UK Government’s claims, made in a UK court in November 2015 during a judicial review brought by Greenpeace UK, that its distribution of fishing quota was both transparent and objective.

In 2015, Greenpeace UK took the Government to court on the basis that it was not implementing Article 17 of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which requires member states to allocate quota according to transparent and objective criteria along environmental, social and economic lines.

Joint letter from environmental groups to Nick Clegg

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7 May, 2010

Greenpeace - together with Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Wildlife Trusts, WWF and RSPB - has signed an open letter to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, asking him to make sure that, whatever the eventual outcome of the general election, the urgent matter of climate change is not forgotten.

Download the report:

Dear Mr Clegg: an open lettter on climate change

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As I write, the eventual outcome of the general election is still in the balance and with parliament well and truly hung (although I prefer the less pejorative phrase 'balanced parliament'), it's anyone's guess as to who will actually form a government. But it's clear that the Lib Dems are going to have a major influence on whatever form that government eventually takes.

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