Greenpeace Response to the Spring Budget 2017

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9 March, 2017

Overall reaction:

John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, said:

“Hammond’s first Budget could have put the UK on course to lead the global race for clean technology, healthy air and a strong economy. To really ‘prepare Britain for a brighter future’ the Chancellor should have used this moment to gain an advantage by boldly backing offshore wind power, supporting solar and driving consumers towards cleaner cars.

Greenpeace reaction to LibDem manifesto

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23 April, 2015

Commenting on the LibDem manifesto, Greenpeace UK chief scientist Dr Doug Parr said:

"If many of these pledges on energy and nature protection were to be enacted it would be a huge win for the environment. Now we need to know where the red lines are in any negotiations with potential coalition partners, and how high up the priority list environmental improvement is for the Lib Dems. Are their red lines green?"

Adapt and/or die!

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Abandoned dinosaur museum
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Transferrable skills allow you to adapt to a changing job market

The Telegraph and the Mail have both told MPs that they think climate change is man-made.

If this is an April Fool’s joke, I’m not amused, but assuming it’s real, job done, that’s the end of mainstream media denial.

Response to David Cameron's comments on green taxes

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21 November, 2013

Responding to the reported comments from Prime Minister David Cameron on green taxes, Joss Garman, deputy political director at Greenpeace, said:

“If David Cameron thinks the road to electoral victory will be found in attacking the very policies that he once passionately advocated then he is sorely mistaken. The British electorate are a sophisticated bunch who will see through his chameleon tendencies and conclude this attack is not an act of leadership but one of cowardice as he panders to the extreme wing of his own party and tries to claw back support from Ukip.

The saga of the Energy Bill continues...

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#vote4cleanpower outside the House of Lords

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in the House of Lords to see the latest instalment of the decarbonisation target saga unfold. This is the target which would see carbon removed from the UK’s electricity system by 2030. It should be in the Energy Bill but isn't, because George Osborne fought to keep it out.

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Climate and Euroscepticism: leftwing, rightwing and wrongwing

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Lord Lawson, chairman of the sceptic tank GWPF

Lean, mean budgeting machine Lord Nigel Lawson is back in the news, still resolutely sceptical but, for a change, not about climate science. He’s returned to his old stamping ground, the European Union, and is now being resolutely sceptical about that. These two positions, climate scepticism and euroscepticism, are complementary.

Chillax, says Boris, it's a climate change-busting mini ice age

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"I say relax"
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"I say relax" - Boris

Boris Johnson has a message for "scientists and environmentalists". Or at least, it’s addressed to scientists and environmentalists, although if I were trying to reach that particular audience, I might not have chosen the Telegraph. In fact, I’d probably be more likely to try to put an article in the Telegraph if I was trying to reach Tory backbench MPs. But that’s just me.

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