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Cleaner cars vote postponed as Germany secures pit stop for gas guzzlers

Posted by Hugh Mouser — 27 June 2013 at 6:13pm - Comments
Car exhaust fumes
All rights reserved. Credit: Gowan / Greenpeace
Clean car vote postponed? We're fuming

It looks like Angela Merkel's call to David Cameron last night has paid off, and the key vote on cleaner cars has been postponed.

Dear Mrs Merkel, please help - I’m afraid of commitment

Posted by Elena Polisano — 24 May 2013 at 4:36pm - Comments
by-nc-nd. Credit: European Union

Of all the shoulders to cry on, it might seem strange to pick the German Chancellor’s. But that’s what the German car association (VDA) did this week when its president Matthias Wissman wrote to her to moan that long-term targets for cleaner cars could strangle the car industry. He asked her to take a strong position against the regulations which are currently being debated in Brussels.

Big actions speak louder than big words

Posted by Willie — 19 January 2010 at 4:22pm - Comments

Charismatic megafauna at play. Did we get your attention?

The word 'biodiversity' is often bandied about as shorthand for 'lots of lovely animals and plants'. We probably think of African plains teeming with herds of antelopes, zebra and wildebeest, a jungle cacophonous with crickets, monkeys and birds, or perhaps a coral reef that looks like a still from Finding Nemo.

But that's because most of us are a little shallow when it comes to the species we co-inhabit this planet with. We get overexcited by the big things, the cuddly things, and the wow! things.

G8: the story so far

Posted by bex — 7 June 2007 at 11:58am - Comments

Stop global warming

UPDATE - 12.40pm: There have been boat chases and arrests near the G8, as Greenpeace inflatables entered the exclusion zone.

After a week of farcical manoeuvrings and diversions in the run up to the G8, today’s the day of reckoning; this afternoon, Angela Merkel, George Bush, Tony Blair et al will sit down in Heiligendamm to talk about climate change. The interplay of power between them will help determine if, how and when climate change is seriously tackled by the world’s most polluting countries.

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