Video: Heathrow protest

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Pictures from Heathrow

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A few pictures from today's plane-top protest at Heathrow:

Placing the banner

Hanging the banner on the tailfin
© Greenpeace

Broken oil tanker brings ecological disaster

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Oil spill from Prestige tanker

Oil spill from Prestige tanker

Oil is now covering more than 500 km of the Spanish Coast, carried by the Gulf Stream. The Spanish Government has conceded that more than 20,000 metric tonnes has leaked from the Prestige. And experts expect the Portugese coast to be affected next...

As the clean-up operation continues to lack co-ordination, Greenpeace activists protested outside the Galician provincial Government building in La Coruna on Saturday - confronting the Vice President with buckets of oil collected from a nearby beach.

Stop Esso day

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Stop Esso Day: copyright Alex Snelling

Stop Esso Day: copyright Alex Snelling

On the first Stop Esso day, in villages, towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, over 3000 people peacefully and legally campaigned at Esso petrol stations.

They spent the day handing out leaflets and stickers, explaining to motorists and passers-by why they should join in boycotting Esso. There were even several Esso tigers roaming around, keeping the kids entertained.

Motorists were shocked to hear about Esso's dirty tricks and many vowed not to buy from Esso again.

Greenpeace stops international outlaw President Bush in his tracks

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buckingham palace protestPresident George Bush's motorcade was brought to an abrupt halt by two Greenpeace volunteers. As Bush swept down The Mall on his way to Buckingham Palace for lunch with the Queen, they stepped calmly out in front of him carrying signs saying "George W Bush - International Outlaw" and sat down in the road. The delayed motorcade continued on its way after the two were removed by police officers.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace supporters stood outside the Palace to (un)welcome GW Bush to the country. A giant puppet of Bush, a forest of 'International Outlaw' flags, 4 of the now famous Star Wars missiles (protesting US plans to break the ABM treaty) and an ear-splitting barrage of air horns greeted the Toxic Texan as he arrived.

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